The words untold  ( II – The last dawn )  

The holy skin of this dark matter,

tends to quench me about the day long.

Here’s how we began to smile and laugh, 

without any reason we come along.




The days are filled with joy and fun, 

Since the inception of your feet

with blues going in my pumping machine.

The last dawn of the month’s end,

proves to be an epic for the century.

The smile we had turn the words untold.




The innocence of very clear eyes,

still might create the feelings to behold.

Here’s how the last dawn still might hold.

Let the new day bring new happiness

to the life we enchanted for.

The hope of the memory’s new, 

going to bring the problem few.

The last dawn of last night,

hold a million reason with lips tight.




© Nitin Singh


12 thoughts on “The words untold  ( II – The last dawn )  ”

    1. The most beautiful thing about writing these posts are the readers like you….thanks for the appreciation because it gives me the pleasure to continue writing blogs.


  1. Again a new post with new meaning of yours. I really don’t understand why you make my heartthrob with your posts. I don’t have words to express myself.


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