The words untold ( I – Heartbeat )

A girl with a pointed nose

Soft hands and fair pose

Brown hairs and deep eyes

Pink lips and crazy smile

Raised eyebrows and teeths in line

She held a blue phone, which rang at crazy nine.



We met on march seventeen, she looked like an eighteen

Two words then four words

We decided to look forwad

She held me go crazy, as she was so amazing

Now my heart was thobbing, still I spoke nothing

The words remain untold though the feelings were on hold.


After the days two, my mind went it blue

We shared a coffee in a shop called hoffee

I dived into her brown eyes, came out with a hug tight

She made me go drool, the breeze blowing was so cool

Everything went slow all fine in moon glow

She counted my heartbeat, I felt her hot breath

This time the feelings were not on hold, the words still remain untold.


©Nitin Singh


Heart of mine

I’m writing to say I

miss you, and

I just thought that you

should know.

Life’s been doing

good to me,

since the last time

that we spoke.

My days are filled with adventure.

I’ve got memories

worth their gold,

But non of these

compare by much,

To my treasure you

might still hold.

I havd been wondering

about that heart of mine,

And about it’s current holder.

I’d like to know, is it

still safe with you?

Or has it found itself

another owner?

I keep your heart safe

here in my pocket…….

©Nitin Singh

Live once more

Looking behind

or looking forward.

Standing still

or moving onward.

A question of losing

or a statement of living.

Becalmed in the past

or sail into the future.

What has been lost

can never be changed.

That yet undiscovered

can determine the future.

Lamenting lost love

obscures opportunities.

Open your heart.

Live once more.

©Nitin Singh

I started to feel!!

I Started to FEEL!!!
Don’t know why?
The words became few and started talking with the eyes
Is it something
I don’t know or don’t want to know…

Feeling happy with no cause
Thumping machine showed suddenly a sign of pause
For the very first time it throbbed.

Something new is happening, Something strange is happening
Is it something
I don’t know or don’t want to know…

On the study table, the book seems to shrink
Suddenly the mind starts to think
The pen seems to swallow the whole of me and my fellow
With the eyes open wide, I caught in the tide
The tide of the people worldwide
They see me as the same, but I know I have changed.
I started to feel……
They ask me to see a doctor, but I know what’s the factor.

Yes! I started to feel
Yes! This is something I know and want to know.


Eyes of Sorrow

I Cry

I’m sitting on the porch. Wind blowing through my hair

The ducks are frolicking in the pond

But I just can’t seem to care

Life goes on around me

I don’t participate

I go through all the motions

But what I really do is wait

I dream about the day

That you’ll come home to me

Nothing else is important

Why can’t people see?I don’t want to go out

I don’t want to have fun

I don’t want to do a thing

Until all is said & done

They took you in the summer

Now fall is almost finished

Winter will be here very soon

And then the year will have diminished

You have no idea how much

 I cry

I never let you know

It’s so hard out here without you

But I’m not allowed to let it show

I must pretend all is fine

Everyone thinks all’s okay

But what I never ever tell them

Is that I cry for you every day.

© Nitin Singh

How are you

How are you? Hey! How are you?

The same question I always ask

All day all night with a miles walk

In spite of all we have a daring talk.

I failed to understand you

I began to admire you

Though, we have lived together with fourth gear

In the same lane for many years

I know nothing of you

That’s why the same question starts from you.

We tackled with ups and downs

We saw good and bad

SORRY! I failed to understand you

I am everything to you but cost nothing to you.

Don’t think I am mean

The one you haven’t seen, just looking for the green

I will go with a blow, without saying any hello.

At that time the day wouldn’t glow but blow.

How are you? Hey! How are you?

©Nitin Singh

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